Maybe something to listen to while you play "And A Child Shall Eat Them?"

Once again….HELL TO THE YES!

Those awesome dudes from Nox Arcana, who we talked to here, told us about an album they were working on with Jeff “Buzz” Hartz called Zombie Influx, an industrial/techno album inspired by good music to listen to while zombies’re munchin’ on your guts!

Nox Arcana have collaborated with Jeff Hartz of Buzz-Works to create Zombie Influx, a creepy audio experience that creates the terror and panic of a zombie invasion through the use of frantic emergency news broadcasts, ambient sound effects and ominous cinematic music. A lifelong fan of George Romero’s classic zombie films, as well as Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series, Jeff was inspired to create Zombie Influx as a tribute to the movies that warped his mind. Co-written and produced by Joseph Vargo and engineered by William Piotrowski, the music incorporates the retro feel of George Romero’s classic zombie films with the darkwave soundtracks of movies like Return of the Living Dead and Resident Evil.

Listen to the track Doomsday here!


Check out more info on Zombie Influx on the official Myspace page, and make sure to buy a copy through iTunes or Buzz-Works (where you can hear even more songs)!

In addition, they’ve announced a new CD, entitled Winter’s Eve, that’s due out around November!

Also, another new Nox Arcana CD is already well underway. Joseph Vargo reveals that the next album will once again celebrate the winter holiday season, but from a different perspective. “The story revolves around an ancient spirit that watches over the Earth during the cold winter months. The music is a mixture of medieval and classical styles, combining minstrel songs with solemn piano compositions, bell melodies, Gregorian choirs and haunting orchestrations. My plan has always been to create a trilogy of winter-themed albums, so somewhere down the road there will eventually be one more to complete the trio.” The new CD, entitled Winter’s Eve, is on schedule for a late November release.

Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to something other than Frank Sinatra’s Christmas Album one year? 🙂