So money, he doesn't even know it.

Jon Favreau has told MTV News that he won’t be directed the Avengers after he has his fun with the invincible Iron Man (what’s the name of the sequel, anyway?  Just Iron Man 2?).

“It’s going to be hard, because I was so involved in creating the world of Iron Man and is very much a tech-based hero, and then with ‘Avengers’ you’re going to be introducing some supernatural aspects because of Thor. How you mix the two of those works very well in the comic books, but it’s going to take a lot of thoughtfulness to make that all work and not blow the reality that we’ve created.”

It’s a shame, because Favreau has really kind of proven himself a more than competent director with films like the original Iron Man and Zathura (yes, I liked it).  But it just leaves the spot open for me and Aron to take it over and single-handledly destroy multiple franchises by replacing big screen action with a 3 hour long sex scene starring two fat guys and the Black Widow.

Oh well….