Here it is!  The best of the best!  Well, almost.  The second best of the best?  Here are numbers 10-6 on my list of the top 31 horror films of ALL TIME!

There are sure to be some surprises in this one …

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28-weeks-later-poster10. 28 Weeks Later

Better than the original in every way, which I had though impossible after seeing the original.  28 Weeks Later is intense, and manages to truly surprise you and keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time, unsure of who will make it through to the end.  Brutal, intense, and a prime example of why everyone wants a 28 Months Later so badly.

blair_witch_project9. The Blair Witch Project

Admit it…you were freaked out after watching this.  The movie that singlehandedly killed the camping industry (not really).  But the Blair Witch Project really did fool half a nation who, for half a second, believed that the film was real.  And those who knew it wasn’t were still terrified.  You never see the witch, or what actually happens to the three friends who venture out into the woods, but damn if this wasn’t the film that changed the way horror was done.  Not only that, it’s an inspiration to low budget film makers – with a couple thousand books and some ingenuity, you can make one of the scariest movies of all time.

alien_movie_poster8. Alien

Ridley Scott set out to make a “haunted house movie in space” and ended up creating somthing far better.  Though Aliens is really a better film, it’s more of a sci-fi actioner, whereas the original Alien really is a horror film through and through.  Scott perfected the art of claustrophobia on film, and managed to create a space-based horror film that, to this day, can’t be beat.  Combining excellent acting, smart writing, and a score that is absolutely iconic, Alien truly deserves a spot in the horror hall of fame.

JawsFilmCover7. Jaws

This movie terrified American audiences like you wouldn’t believe.  Hell, this movie terrified me!  To this day, Americans are afraid of great white sharks, despite the fact that shark attacks are absolutely rare.  The shark, when it does come out, is a perfect example of how to make things work for you when they’re not in ideal situations (the shark hardly ever worked).  An ending that actually surprised you with its viciousness, and a sense of tension rarely seen in films – the scene where Brody is sitting on the beach watching the water while everyone is out playing still gets me.  Jaws is a must see movie, and no one will ever be able to recreate its tension.

dawn_of_the_dead_ver36. Dawn of the Dead

Yes, the remake and not the Romero original which, while great, in my opinion, suffers from showing its age.  But the remake of Dawn of the Dead, directed by Zach Snyder (he of 300 and Watchmen), has the most intense, amazing opening fifteen minutes of any film EVER.  I remember when the first 15 minutes of the film premiered on USA one night (I think at 10PM) and I was just amazed at it.  Snyder’s direction has been terribly missed in horror since this amazing film – beautiful to look at, but absolutely a horror film the entire time.