rockart vermonsterMonster, the energy drink people, have submitted a cease and desist to Rock Art Brewery directing them to stop selling/producing their Vermonster beer to “avoid trademark confusion.” Anybody seriously confused between Vermonster beer and a Monster energy drink?

I’ve been bullied by a big corporation before with a C&D for baseless reasons and I did in fact cease and desist.  In these types of circumstances, whoever can outlast the other in legal expenses wins.  It ain’t right.  And I for one am sick of it.

I’m done with you, Monster.

I am sick of corporate giants bullying small business around not because they’re right, but because they’ve got the ability to do so.  Seriously, screw you, Monster.

I am boycotting your product and am urging readers of this blog to do the same.

Besides, I’d much rather slam back a frothy Vermonster than a craft brew crushing Monster energy drink.

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