This sounds like an awesome idea – let’s make it happen!

Want to be in a cool new horror film? You can play a victim – hell, you can even play one of the survivors! Dr. Bonesaw is the name of the film, and they’re trying to raise $63,000 to make it.  How?  Well, by asking the victims for money!  “As a sexy and promiscuous young medical staff begin falling victim to Bonesaw’s blade, the body count will include plenty of great deaths throughout the hospital, and those victims will be played by Kickstarters. The movie will be 90 minutes of gross-you-out gore, golden one-liners and a hot murderous maniac with a bonesaw hand, and we want you to be more than just someone who gives us money – we want you to be part of the movie.”

Right now, the deadline is a little soon to try to make the over $46k that they’re trying, but ya never know.  The more of you guys who give to the project, the more likely it is to happen!  Check out more here!