The cast of Moonlight

Ya know, I really liked Moonlight.  I know a lot of us wrote the show off as an Angel clone when we heard it was going to be about a vampire detective looking for redemption, including myself.  I didn’t start watching the show until about halfway into its run, but the charisma and chemistry of its leads (and supporting cast) were excellent, and I was hooked instantly.  It really was a great show that I wish had been given more of a chance.

Well, Alex O’Loughlin, the lead of the show who’s now moved on to CBS’s Three Rivers, spoke with SciFiTVZone, and gave them a commentary on each episode of the show!  Here’s some cool quotes:

I got to be a part of a story I really liked,” he says. “And I’ve always wanted to play a vampire since I was a kid, and that’s not something that will necessarily happen again in my life. It was just a great fit and a great experience. It was also a stressful experience. We were under budget, we were always fighting for everything we needed. We weren’t the golden child at all, we were the one that had to constantly present reasons not to be shut down.”

On the change in cast in the pilot: “You put new actors in and new stuff is going to happen. They also changed the age of the characters. For instance, Josef [Mick’s best friend, also a vampire] changed from 65 to 25, which is a dramatic shift. Plotwise, there were a bunch of ideas in the unaired pilot that we stretched across a couple of episodes.”

On the series finale: “I was walking away from the apartment and I stopped outside the door and stood against the wall for a moment before going back inside. I wanted to continue that thread in the series, that feeling, that there is a wall between them that will always be there no matter what. But in that moment he decides he’s still gonna have a go at it. The love is too strong, he’s not going to walk away and he’s still going to try and make it work.”

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