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Courtesy of ShockTillYouDrop, we’ve got our first look at the cast of Resident Evil: Afterlife doing their thing on the set.  In the picture below, you’ll see Wentworth Miller  (from Prison Break) as Chris Redfield, Milla Jovovich as the hot chick Alice, Ali Larter as the other hot chick Claire Redfield.  Check it at right!

Tons of news has been pouring out from the film, courtesy of Milla Jovovich’s Twitter page.  (Thanks to Matt)

  • Filmed a fight scene with Wesker, resulting in Milla with a bleeding open wound.
  • They are using new camera technology. Milla revealed that a new camera system had to be invented that was capable of taking a 3D camera really high and far away, in order to film a shot in the final scene. She noted that all the new exciting inventions will become standard in 5 years time.
  • Filmed a scene where Milla did an aircraft landing on a ship.
  • Filmed a big action sequence in a prison shower with Ali that involved ‘The Executioner’ from RE5 the game. He is 8 feet tall and has a HUGE axe. Milla noted that everytime he swung his axe, the showers exploded.

Resident Evil: Afterlife features Paul W.S. Anderson’s return to the series, after only directing the original film.  It’s due out in August, 2010.