1012_Winters_EveSweet cans of awesomesauce!

When we last spoke with Nox Arcana frontman Joseph Vargo right before the release of the super awesome Blackthorn Manor, he had hinted that we’d see another Nox Arcana album before the end of the year, and I must have completely zoned out, because not only is it already available for pre-order, it’ll be shipping in the next couple of days!

Here’s how Nox Arcana’s official site describes Winter’s Eve:

Explore a spellbinding sounsdscape of haunting melodies and winter magic. As the first snow mingles with stardust and moonlight, an enchanted kingdom comes to life once again, deep in the Ebonshire forest. The White Queen of Winter returns to cast her ancient spell of slumber, and as the woodlands drift to sleep, she watches over a tranquil realm of wondrous dreams and memories frozen in time.

Band12Not only that, but with the release of Winter’s Eve, they also have holiday greeting cards featuring the beautiful album cover by Vargo himself.  You can get the album alone for 10 bucks, the greeting cards alone for 15, or together for 20!

Unfamiliar with the workings of Nox Arcana?  Listen to a couple of select tracks from Winter’s Eve here:

Pre-order Winter’s Eve at the official Nox Arcana site!