It’s true!  With the upcoming Justice League: Crisis on Two Worlds animated feature (which we told you about here), included among the bonus features will be short starring The Spectre!  This is actually the first time I’ve heard of it, so I’m deadly curious as to who the Spectre will be in the short, and what the short will be about.  Is the start of a trend?  Will we see more shorts with future animated releases?  Also included in the 2-disc DVD and Blu-Ray (the one disc will only have trailers) are first looks at Batman Under the Red Hood, Green Lantern, and Superman/Batman Public Enemies, the animated short (“The Spectre”), a new featurette (“The New World”), A Better World” Part 1 and 2 which were previously on Justice League Unlimited S2, and more.

Also curious as to what Batman Under the Red Hood is.  Is this based on the Judd Winick story that brought Jason Todd back to life as the Red Hood?  I hope so … that was great story, and had art by Dustin Nguyen, which hopefully means the movie would feature his designs as well.  Fingers crossed.

Here’s the box art for Crisis on Two Worlds, courtesy of DVDActive: