flr_121409Well, after a couple of weeks of delays (I’ve noticed it listed every week on Comixology for the last few weeks), we finally get the finale of Top Cow’s Darkness/Pitt from  the writer/artist team of Paul Jenkins and Dale Keown this Wednesday, December 16th.

If you’ve been listening to Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll know that I loved the hell out of the first two issues of this mini, especially because Keown’s art was some of the best I’ve seen.  Did the final issue live up to the expectations set up in the first two issues?

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Long story short, Darkness/Pitt is not only a contender for best mini series of the year, but Dale Keown is definitely worthy of a best artist of the year award for his absolutely breathtaking art on this series.  I don’t know what the delays were (apparently this season was in the works for years), but if it was due to art, I would totally understand.  The art is fantastic on this and it reminds me while Dale Keown should be out there doing more books, and why he became a superstar in the first place.

Regardless of if you’ve read either series before, there’s a ton to like about this team up between Jackie Estacado (mob hitman with darkness-based super powers) and Pitt/Tommy (alien and his half-alien/half-human buddy with super telekinetic powers).  Three issues is all it’ll take to make you want to read more – after finishing the final page of issue three, I found myself jumping online to see if I could pick up a trade of the original Pitt series.  Sadly, one doesn’t exist … hopefully this series was enough of a hit to get one in print again.  I loved this series!

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