First Look Review: Darkness/Pitt #3

Well, after a couple of weeks of delays (I’ve noticed it listed every week on Comixology for the last few weeks), we finally get the finale of Top Cow’s Darkness/Pitt from  the writer/artist team of Paul Jenkins and Dale Keown this Wednesday, December 16th. If you’ve been listening to Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie (and […]

I had to call into work today…

…because The Darkness #75 from Top Cow/Image comics kicked my @$$. This book is the absolute PERFECT comic book.  I have less than zero negative things to say about it. What’s that you say?  What’s the Darkness?  For shame, my friend.  For shame. The Darkness tells the tale of Jackie Estacado, mob hitman and all-around […]