Game Master Chris Mais oversees The Escape Into White Man's Planet

I have enjoyed the terrific honor of gaming with Chris Mais at each of the three Fear the Cons.  He played school teacher Peter Badger in my zombie game the first year and reprised  the role in the second year sequel to the game.  Fear the Con 3 saw my first opportunity play in his game.

Chris ran ESCAPE INTO WHITE MAN’S PLANET, a game in the style of the blacksploitation films of the 1970s such as SHAFT, SUPER FLY, and even the more recent BLACK DYNAMITE.  Chris used the Savage Worlds system for his setting’s mechanics.  The pulp nature of Savage Worlds made things flow smoothly and in cinematic fashion.

Shortly before he started, Chris shared that it had been in excess of five years since he last ran a game.  I think I’d have pee’d myself had my first game after such a hiatus been a con game.  Chris ran his game masterfully.

Without a doubt, this was the most irreverent, offensive, and outright hilarious game I have ever played.  Chris rocked this thing hard.  He was blessed by some amazing talent around the table who came to the game with the intent of working towards a great game.  Rarely have a seen so many players focused on EVERYONE’s good time – including the fun of the GM.

Chris tickled us and we tickled him and each other.

My ears hurt from all the laughter.

Of his game, Mais said, “It turned out to be not unlike the black version of the Venture Brothers actually in hindsight now that I look at it closely.”

He went on to say, “It showed me that when people can play in a game like this one and it went the way it did the racial barriers, regional barriers and the cultural barriers drop and everybody is just a human being laughing around the table in joy as opposed to malicious intent. A brotherhood. If anything this game taught me that people can lighten up and laugh at exaggerated stereotypes in humor of all racial backgrounds in the comedy of a game and yet remain true to themselves in being good down to earth people while sitting at the table and leaving the table.”

dan eye
Fear the Boot's Dan: The blackest black man I know. He played the characer of Mink Jackson. I had no idea that he was a such a funny bastard. He sat to my left during the game and had me in stitches. Favorite Line: "You will call me Daddy and speak only when spoken to." The brother is pimp.
Henhouse Cleaveland Jackson (Left) and Five Dick Willie Lomacks (Right) who uttered the immortal, "Causality or Caucasiality?"
Cotton (left) and Boney-T (right)


Jonathan played Cotton. Imagine Weird Harold from Cosby's Fat Albert cartoon but less articulate.
I brought the 70's era Luke Cage: Powerman action figure as a prop for the game. He cheered us on as the 'Race Card' was played.
The whole crew.
For his awesome game, I sent Luke Cage home with Chris.

You can listen to the actual play of this game over at Kicked in the Dicebags, Chris and Jonathan’s podcast.