A little retro FtC action: The logo from the first year!

As I write this, it is half-an hour from World Wing Night, the social event kicking off the Fear the Con 3 activities. Today, my traveling companion James and I ventured ‘cross this great nation of ours from Texas to Saint Louis.  We have secured ground transportation, lodging at the con hotel, and even enjoyed a little BBQ.

We lunched at Bandana’s where our server, Francisco, recommended the Wet Bandana.  I believe this may have been something like what I paid 1000 pesos for the last time I was in Juarez.  Francisco also spent some time reviewing the various “sauces,” stating that for something really spicy – well – he had that “in the back.”

St. Louis, what a welcoming, exotic place.

30-minutes to Wing Night.

Stay tuned!