Two St Louis Treasures: Luke Meyer and Toasted Ravioli

Best. Wing. Night. Ever!

Seriously, a terrific turn out tonight at the pre-Fear The Con mixer.  Tons of the best people you ever wanted to chat with all right under one roof with copious amounts of wings and booze in ready supply.  I cannot begin to tell you how much fun this was.

My inability to describe it is largely due to the fact that I had a considerable amount to drink.  The bar bill reads a bit like this: A glass of scotch, five glasses of bourbon, and two Irish Car Bombs.

I have to document the evening now as I may not recall it in the morning!

The best part of the drinking was Jonathan Landreth buying them.  Hoo buddy, good stuff.  Thank you, Jon-Boy!

Twitter's @ThistledownJohn

I enjoyed cigars with an awesome crew of dudes and had some righteous comic discussion with Noble Bear and others.  By far, I was stunned at how much love Funnybooks got this evening.  Many people came up to comment how much they enjoy the show.  Truly, a very humbling experience.

The brilliance of Fear the Con is WWWN.  This mixer allows folks who’ll be spending the next two days together playing games the opportunity to break the ice.  It sets the tone for the rest of the weekend.  In terms of gaming and company kept, FtC is the best con around.  If tonight’s festivities were any indication, FTC3 will be the best yet of this convention.

NOTE:  I took a ton of pics on my digital camera.  I won’t be able to load them to the site until Sunday since I left my adapter at home.  Me am smart.  I’ll be capturing images on my iPhone in greater number tomorrow and Saturday as well as higher res images for later publication.

Lots more to come tomorrow morning when the con officially kicks off.