c2e2Damn, so much cool stuff was announced at C2E2, it wobbles my already fragile little mind.  I wanted to bring special attention to a couple of my favorite announcements, and really kind of say what I find most exciting about them.

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Avengers: The Children’s Crusade: Probably the single most exciting announcement made at C2E2 for me.  I loved the original Young Avengers mini and feel like the characters haven’t been as well portrayed since.  We actually speak about that on this week’s podcast a bit.  I love these characters, and I’m happy to see them together, especially in a story dealing with the Scarlett Witch.  In case you didn’t know, two of the Young Avengers are actually the twin sons of the Scarlett Witch that, technically, shouldn’t even exist.  Plus, bringing Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung, the original creators back…there’s simply no way I can miss out on this one.

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier: Though I really disliked the way he was reborn, I’m excited about the prospect of a Steve Rogers series featuring art by the always awesome Dale Eaglesham.  Though I’m not currently reading Captain America monthly, the existence of this series, as well as the promise offered by The Heroic Age, kind of gives me a bit of hope that maybe I should jump back in…we’ll see.

Superboy and the return of Geoff Johns to Teen Titans: It was only hinted at, so nothing is in stone on either of these announcements, but I am sorely missing the adventures of Superboy since Adventure Comics turned into a Legion book.  I love that character, and I’d love to see Geoff Johns write both him and the adventures of the Teen Titans, especially if Tim Drake and Bart Allen are back on the team.  Someone woo Tom Grummett away from Marvel and get him on one of these books!

Avengers Team Reveals: Goddamn, these are some awesome teams.  Really, the New Avengers, the team I was most hesitant about when they were first announced, is the line-up I like the best.  And Secret Avengers actually seems pretty awesome.  It’s sad, but the regular Avengers have the least exciting line-up, except for the addition of Marvel Boy, a character I’ve grown to love.

The X-Men: We’re talking to writer Victor Gischler soon on Funnybooks, but the idea of a new X-Men #1, and the team line-up (shown here).  Plus, the opening arc, featuring the X-Men fighting Vampires, sounds pretty awesome.  And art by Paco Medina – though I don’t know if he’s as huge a name as I feel they should put on a brand new X-Men #1 (the last one was by Jim Lee, after all), he sure does some great art.

What about you?  What were your favorite C2E2 announcements?