I mean, it’s hard to say that a film is going to be good just by looking at the cast, but the upcoming remake of one my favorite 80’s flicks, Fright Night, seems to be shaping up pretty nicely.  The script review at CC2K seems to not think much of it, but let’s be honest – did the original really have that great of a script?  They say it’s “Disturbia with fangs,” but wasn’t the original just Rear Window with fangs?  And isn’t Disturbia just…well, Rear Window?

Really, I think a cast like this can elevate mediocre script writing to cinema gold.  Just announced today are David Tennant as Peter Vincent, and Chrisopher Mintz-Plasse as “Evil Ed.”  I mean, not that Mintz-Plasse is cinema awesomeness, but he’s at least always fun to watch, and after seeing Kick Ass, I think he could pull off Evil Ed quite nicely.  And David Tennant as Peter Vincent?  I mean, that’s just inspired casting.  Also already announced are Anton Yelchin as Charlie (a role originated by William Ragsdale) and Colin Farrell as Jerry the vampire (Chris Sarandon’s part in the original).

I have to admit…unlike most remakes, this cast seems to REALLY fit the roles in question.  As long as they don’t remake Fright Night 2 (fuck that movie), I think we might have a bonafide quality remake coming our way…besides, didn’t I say this would make a great remake?