Hey, guess what?

Spider-Man’s Brand New Day is almost over.

Yeah…I’m going to let that sink in a little bit.  The reason so many fans dropped the adventures of their favorite wall crawler which, admittedly, has had some good tales (like the recent Grim Hunt) but more often than not left us wanting…is about to end to make room for BIG TIME, the new era in Spider-Man’s life.  Will Mary Jane come back into his life, and, if so, in what capacity?

What about Spider-Man’s identity?  He’s revealed it to a couple of folks since the start of Brand New Day…who will know it now?

As we get geared up for the next big thing for ol’ webhead, it’s probably time to look back on why we love the character in the first place.  Leading up the the start of the bi-weekly BIG TIME, we’re going to look back at Spider-Man’s history and even talk with some of his best creative teams!

This week, we’re going to take a look at some of the best costumes Peter Parker has worn in his many years as the Amazing Spider-Man!

Preview art for BIG TIME shows Spider-Man in a wicked awesome new costume, done in black and green, unlike any costume he’s had before.  I’ve fought costume changes for Spidey before, but if he stays in that one for a while, especially under the awesome pencil of artist Humberto Ramos…sign me up.  But Spidey’s changed costumes many, many times over the years.  Sure, we all know the red and blue tights, but what are some of the other costumes Spidey’s taken on?  Well, this site seems to have a pretty damn comprehensive list…let’s see what the best ones are….

Of course we’ve got the Black Suit Spider-Man, whether symbiote or not.  Most recently worn in Grim Hunt, the black suit is worn by Spidey during the darkest periods in his life, whether it be when Aunt May is on her death bed, or when he’s gotta handle some business in the sewers and whoop some Vermin booty.  An absolutely iconic costume.

Remember the Spider-Armor?  In Web of Spider-Man #100, the New Enforcers attacked New York and Spider-Man created a suit of “Spider-Armor” to protect himself from their high-powered weaponds. Composed of a pseudo-metallic compound Peter Parker developed at Empire State University, the suit slowed him down, but allowed him to not get shot. During battle, the suit was destroyed by acid.

In Erik Larsen’s classic Revenge of the Sinister Six storyline, Spidey donned Web Guns to take on the baddies.  The got destroyed pretty quickly, but dang, they looked sweet.

I’m a die-hard fan of the Clone Saga, and I’m not afraid to admit it.  One of my favorite aspects?  Ben Reilly’s slightly altered Spider-Man costume – it was classic in its look, but different enough to notice the change.

Aron and I love the old Spider-Man 2099 stuff, and I’m looking forward to playing as the character in the upcoming Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions video game.  I dig how the spider is also a skull on the front of his costume.

When DC characters crossed over with Marvel characters to create the Amalgam universe, Connor Kent/Superboy was mixed with Spider-Man to create Spider-Boy, a fun character in one of the best books of the short Amalgam event.

I haven’t read Spider-Man Noir, but I sure do dig the costume.  Not only that, it’s going to be playable in the upcoming Shattered Dimensions video game.  Hell yeah.

In Amazing Spider-Man #499 and 500, as well as the recent Grim Hunt storyline, we get a glimpse of a darker future for Spidey, one that includes wearing a pretty sweet costume (but also ends with him getting ousted from the Avengers and shot with a shotgun).

And finally, the new costume from promotional art for the post-Brand New Day Spider-World.  No one has confirmed if this is the new costume during BIG TIME, or even how long it’ll last…but man, it’s pretty sweet isn’t it?

What have been your favorite Spider-Man costumes?