Hello Gamers,

I am off to GenCon tomorrow, and I am looking forward to a good time. I am packing Labyrinth Lord and Michael Curtis’s Stonehell if anyone is looking for some old school gaming goodness. Labyrinth Lord is a clone of Basic D&D, so if you enjoyed the Red Box (elf is a class!) you will enjoy this. Stonehell is a huge, sprawling dungeon, ripe for exploration. It is so big that it is not a module, it is a campaign setting. I have a long term, ongoing game that revolves around Stonehell dungeon. I have already decided that, should anyone want to play a Stonehell game, the results will effect my home campaign. My players will see the results of your actions.

I will also be packing The Dr. Who RPG, Hackmaster Basic, and everything I need to do a completely random tables based game. If you are going to GenCon you can find me as rmckee78 on Twitter.