Man…this film looks all kinds of awesome.  From the Amblin logo at the beginning to the feeling throughout the trailer, JJ Abrams is clearly going for geek nostalgia with his newest directorial effort, Super 8.  I can see all kinds of 80’s Spielberg, Donner, and Howard influence throughout the trailer…and that’s a good thing.  I love the films that Super 8 is clearly influenced by – flicks like E.T. (though, honestly, that film bores the hell out of me), Close Encounters, Goonies…heck, even The Monster Squad.  The problem with a lot of films that feature kids as the leads nowadays is that they’re too wrapped up in trying to please a tween audience, and stray from the type of fun stuff that I grew up with – films that were just on the edge of too scary for their core audience, with wonder and a dash of horror mixed in all at the same time.  Looks like Abrams is missing that kind of flick too.

Super 8 is due out June 10, 2011.