There are those who who dwell apart from us. Their eyes unaccustomed to the bright rays of our golden sun.   The darkness is their home for they dwell in a city under our city. These… Mollochs… Have been content to silently shadow the citizens of Reignsborough, but the recent escape of the Rogues from Dauger Island has agitated our downstairs neighbors.  Clearly, this is a job for the Ghosts of Reignsborough!

GHOSTS OF REIGNSBOROUGH  is an actual play recording made at Fear the Con 5. This is the SECOND of three interlinked actual play recordings made at the con using the Savage Worlds system in the Reignsborough setting.

Your game master is John of Thistledown

Squires of Reignsborough,the third of our FtC5 Reignsborough actual plays, will be released on August 3rd.

2 thoughts on “IoM Actual Play: Ghosts of Reignsborough

  1. Interesting did at one point wondered if we might witness the creation of one of Paul’s other characters during this but then that would mean a bad guy got away with it wouldn’t it?
    Interesting take on potential killing by the heroes was thinking there would be alink between this and the third actual play but I could be mistaken as it might be more to do with the villains from the rogues actual play…
    Listening to the first season from the sandboxes now looking forward to August even more now!

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