Ghosts of Reignsborough: Into the Crypt! (s2, 003)

Every answer leads to two more questions.  The Ghosts seek out expert assistance in the wise counsel of Joseph Redfeather and venture into the crypts beneath Reighnsborough’s great cathedral.  What secrets can be learned, what knowledge can be wrested from those long dead?  Find out in the penultimate chapter of our second season. GM’s note: […]

IoM Actual Play: Ghosts of Reignsborough

There are those who who dwell apart from us. Their eyes unaccustomed to the bright rays of our golden sun.   The darkness is their home for they dwell in a city under our city. These… Mollochs… Have been content to silently shadow the citizens of Reignsborough, but the recent escape of the Rogues from […]