The weekend is upon us.  For some of us, this presents a variable amount of free time with which to indulge ourselves.  The options that are available can seem somewhat dizzying at times and I want to help by telling you about one thing that you might enjoy.  If you are of a cinematic bent, allow me to recommend Skyfall.

If you read my post about Night’s Black Agents, it will come as no surprise to you that I went and saw this new Bond movie on opening weekend.  It is a fitting way to mark the 50th anniversary of James Bond. Once again Daniel Craig takes up the mantle of 007. The movie opens up in the middle of an operation.  Bond and another agent are frantically searching for a hard drive.  He arrives to the room of another agent just a few seconds to late to retrieve the hard drive but with enough time to save a wounded agent. He can only save the agent at the cost of losing the fleeing thief.  M makes the call to catch the thief and we are allowed to see the regret of following this order across Bond’s face as he takes off.  What follows is a chase across the exotic city of Istanbul as Bond and his partner are constantly just out of reach of the fleeing agent.  The tension ratchets up as Bond is able to finally engage the enemy on the roof of a speeding train and the other agent is able to set up a one-time only shot at killing the thief but there is no clear shot.  M once again intervenes and orders the shot and Bond goes plummeting off of the roof of the train to the waiting river below.

Cut to the requisite psychedelic musical montage for which all Bond movies are known.

The movie that follows is an exploration of the choices made by M throughout her career.   We are shown the results of these choices through the eyes of two agents that have survived them as well as those on the outside that question the necessity and cost of her path.  M is embattled on all sides.  She is hounded by a bureaucratic over-site committee that is angered by the loss of life and important data as well as an enemy that is making the fight personal.  Skyfall careens between these large action set pieces as Bond searches out the villain at the heart of the attacks on M and the quiet character moments that explore the harsh costs of the decisions made both in the past and during this current adventure.

I loved this movie.  It delivers what I want out of a Bond movie and more.  As I mentioned above, It delivers the action.  There are stunning gun battles, thrilling chases, and exotic locales aplenty.  The difference with Skyfall is that these pieces are given more emotional punch through the slower, more personal character moments.  You get to see the strength of M despite being harried on all sides.  you get to see the loyalty and caring center of Bond despite being at his lowest point throughout the movie.  I can’t really say anymore without spoiling the movie and I don’t want to do that.  I want you to go see it and enjoy it as much as I did.

What are you waiting for?  Go see it and let me know what you think.