• Jurassic Park 4
  • Sin City casting Joseph Gordon Levitt and Josh Brolin
  • Star Wars TV show
  • New Batman Books
  • Detective Comics #16
  • Superior Spider-Man #1
  • Scarlet Spider #13
  • Star Wars #1
  • Avengers Arena #3
  • Artifacts #24

Reighnsborough Sick Day is coming…

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6 thoughts on “Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: A Teenth of Tungsten!

  1. Actually liked Jurassic Park 2 especally the bit with Blockbusters now thats a scene I love almost as much as the start of the new Star Trek movie where afterwards I was left wondering why they didn’t just do a movie with Kirk’s dad as the lead because god alien spaceship mullers all other staship fleets, Kirk’s dad gets p***ed and he disables the overwhelming alien borg enhanced spaceship and I’m left wondering how the heck can Chris Pine top that?!!!
    JP 4? well JP3 was a little weak and there’s always more room for Jeff Goldblum!
    Now back to listen about star wars but am going to cover my ears where spiderman is concerned… there just some things I really rather not know…

  2. Star Wars Underworld with Ron Moore?!!
    As in the book an Edge of the Empire need to watch!
    Ooh Star War 1313 the computer game deals with something like this…
    Paul hits a home run!

  3. Waiting on issue 1 have ordered 1 & 2 and looks like I’ll be pre-ordering more as they come out for release.
    By the way have you heard anything about the new Star Wars Legacy series entitled Prisoner on a Floating World and Han and Leia’s great, great, granddaughter… that was enough Greats wasn’t it?

  4. So any word on the knights?
    Didn’t anything regarding that sick day mentione aboev so assumed it’ll be a few more weeks until you’re ready to set loose your xmas special?

    Oh before I forget is Aegean episode 1 still on for this year?

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