slayton_print_harley.inddWelcome back to the Showcase!  Continuing our conversation with this week’s IoM Artist Showcase illustrator Cal Slayton…

Ideology of Madness: You’ve done lots of comic work. What was your first professional comics gig? How’d that project come about?

Cal Slayton: It was a indie book called “Shades of Blue”.  The creator and writer of the book, Jim Harris, was looking for an artist because the guy who drew the first two issues had to quit.  Jim found me online and asked me if I’d be interested. It was a fun book and Jim was actually paying for an artist. That’s a pretty rare thing for a book like that. If I could give advice to any writers out there looking for artists on a self-published book, it would be to pay them. It’s not always easy but it’s important. I wound up working on the series for a couple of years, never was late with a deadline because I owed the person who was paying me to deliver the product I promised I’d deliver.

IoM: Favorite comic book character to draw and why?

Cal Slayton: I never can come up with a good answer for this question. I really like drawing zombies, because they’re easy.  No rules really. I like drawing Bronze Age characters because that’s what I grew up on. I do draw a lot of Harley Quinn though.

… Come back tomorrow through Friday for more of our conversation with Cal Slayton and more of his artwork.

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