slayton_print_newmutants.inddContinuing our conversation with this week’s IoM Artist Showcase illustrator Cal Slayton…

Ideology of Madness: You’ve got a busy con schedule this year. What types of work will you produce at a con and what types will you take home for more time?

Cal Slayton: Usually (thankfully) I’m pretty busy at cons. I love doing commissions all day long, I really do. The basic is a 9″ x 12″ piece, in color. For the most part, it’s all comic book character stuff.  I also sell prints at shows, I have a nice collection built up now and am always adding new pieces. I rarely have to take something home to finish it, unless the person is okay with it, like they want a big piece with multiple characters.

IoM: What’s out of bounds for you?

Cal Slayton: Out of bounds stuff? I usually don’t draw characters nude or in any adult situations

IoM: I became a fan of your work via Instagram. How has social media affected your work? What tips do you have for folks entering into the field in terms of managing their social media profile?

Cal Slayton: The internet and social media is essential for me. I use them constantly. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Deviantart, Tumblr, Blogger, I’m on them all. I imagine if I wasn’t an artist and didn’t need to promote my work, I would only have Facebook to keep up with friends and family. If you’re artist out there looking to get your work seen, there’s no excuse for you not using these outlets. They’re free, they’re easy and they work. Just be warned that if you post you’re work and ask for critiques be prepared to take the bad with the good. The internet is full of opinions.

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