slayton_print_deadpool.inddConcluding our conversation with this week’s IoM Artist Showcase illustrator Cal Slayton…

Ideology of Madness: If you could give advice to Young Cal about the comic business, what would that be?

Cal Slayton: That’s a tough one because the world is different now. I didn’t grow up in an era of home computers and things like Photoshop, there was no internet until I was out of college. The best I could tell him would be to draw even more, draw pages, study panel flow and composition more. Learn to simplify your line style. Business-wise, I don’t know what I’d tell him. Maybe try harder earlier on.

IoM: What’s your preferred medium and why?

slayton_print_themutants.inddCal Slayton: I draw on smooth bristol paper.  I do really rough pencils and then clean them up in the inking stage.  I use Faber-Castell Pitt pens. For colors, I use Prismacolor markers and some Copic gray markers. I’m thinking of transitioning over my color ones to Copic, they blend nicely.  If I’m digitally coloring a piece, I use Photoshop and use Illustrator to do a lot of elements that require straight lines, like buildings and weapons.

… We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s IoM Showcase featuring Cal Slayton and his artwork.  Come back for more fantastic artists in the Showcase!

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