I know that there’s a legion of anit-Michael Bay people that will be ready to lynch me after what he did to the Transformers movies, but I firmly believe that Michael Bay is the perfect choice to direct the Power Rangers as a movie franchise.  Power Rangers is a TV show focused around a group of attractive teens with semi-shallow writing, giant robots and explosions.  These are all things that people call out Transformers as being.  All his supposed mistakes in Transformers have led to him being the perfect person to bring Power Rangers to the Big Screen.

One of the bigger complaints that I heard from Transformers fans were that in the Michael Bay movies, he focused more on the human characters like Sam “No-no-no-no-no” Witwicky and not enough time on the Transformers themselves. Power Rangers works for him because the robots have no personality to focus on. This means he can spend all the time he wants on the human characters because the robotic ones are just tools.

 We lost out on time with Optimus Prime to gain more of this level of talented acting.

Say what you will about whatever writing quality you believe Power Rangers to have, but the third act of almost every episode is exactly the same: Giant Robots, Explosions, Collateral Damage.  This is basically the third act of every single one of the Transformers movies.  While the Transformers were always concerned about innocent human life (which made the destruction in the movies confusing), the Power Rangers never seemed to share that same concern.  There was at least one major building destroyed in the final fight of almost every Power Rangers episode.

That building was blocking the view from my condo anyway!

Finally, an accusation towards Bay (pretty on-point in the second movie) was overt racism. Skidmark and his brother were so stereotypical that the only thing that could push them further is an inexplicable love of fried chicken.  C’mon, though let’s be serious.  We’re talking about a TV show where the colours of the Ranger seemed to be racially assigned anyway.  The vaguely native american was a Red Ranger, the black guy was the black ranger, the girly girl was the pink ranger, and the asian chick was the yellow ranger.  The only one not somewhat racist was the nerdy blue ranger (unless white people are blue somehow).

Realistically, I think that we’ve finally found the movie series that’s absolutely perfect for Michael Bay and his team.  I think they could bring an absolutely amazing Power Rangers to the big screen because the entire show focuses on his strengths.  Feel free to comment with your opinions.