You've Got Jack

So,I’ve always felt that LucasFilm cheated fans with Boba Fett.  They created a mystique and desire for a badass bounty hunter through strategic appearances and marketing.  Then “Empire Strikes Back” came out and we were presented with a man who’s greatest accomplishments are hiding in the garbage, tattling on Han Solo, and needing the Empire in order to bring in his bounty. “Return of the Jedi” didn’t help much when the only things it added are that Fett likes to sit around Jabba’s Palace doing nothing and then get killed by a blind man when his backpack is hit too hard.

I always felt that a simple change would help to make Fett a far more interesting and badass so I finally decided to illustrate it.  Click on the pages to zoom in.

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Page 2
Page 3
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Page 5


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