I know it’s been forever since I posted on IoM (between relationships, moving, and work I’ve been absent from a lot), but I got to thinking and figured it was a good place for an article like this.  Keep in mind this is 100% my own fan theory but it makes absolute sense considering the future of the MCU and the writer/director of Age of Ultron.  Possible Spoilers follow.

So, what we know so far about Avengers: Age of Ultron is that Tony builds Ultron along with a bunch of drones to act as a police force to assist when the Avengers can’t. Ultron goes completely Skynet and the Avengers have to save the world.  Wheden has promised an ending that will act to alter the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I think I know what one of the factors of the ending will be.

I think he’s going to kill Pepper Potts.

Now, hear me out on this one.  Iron Man 3 tried it, but pulled the punch at the last minute for the sake of a happy ending.  Honestly, considering that Wheden is famous for killing relationships, Potts’ death wouldn’t surprise me at all. Here’s a brief list of Wheden’s relationship killings:

  • Angel in “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer”
  • Jenny Calendar in “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer”
  • Tara in “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer”
  • Anya in “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer”
  • Doyle in “Angel”
  • Cordelia in “Angel”
  • Fred in “Angel”
  • Wesley in “Angel”
  • Penny in “Doctor Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog”
  • Paul Ballard in “Dollhouse”
  • Wash in “Firefly/Serenity”
  • Phil Coulson in “Avengers” (after revealing he had a relationship with a Cellist)

Wheden hates relationships and/or popular characters and every fan of his work knows it.  That lost doesn’t even include favourite characters like Shepherd Book (Firefly), Joyce Summers (Buffy), Kitty Pride (X-Men Comics) or Rupert Giles (Buffy Season 8 Comic). All that’s left is to figure out who he’s killing this time. Natalie Portman’s actions surrounding Thor: The Dark World and her not returning means it won’t be her,  Hawkeye and Black Widow are both Avengers, and Rhodie, Banner and Cap don’t have a significant other we’re aware of.  This means the only person he can kill off and not be an Avenger confirmed as involved in future films would be Potts.

Not only that, but Pepper’s death would perfectly set up Captain America: Civil War.  Her death at the hands of something that Tony created to make the world better, right after she ALMOST died at the hands of something Tony somewhat helped create to make the world better (Extremis) would be a major factor to Tony deciding that people with great power need to be regulated because the best intentions can have the worst results.  Between Ultron’s failure and Pepper’s death Tony would be driven to create the registration act.

Now, all this is just my crazy crackpot theories so feel free to sound off below on what you think.

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