Red Hood And The Outlaws #40
Story Scott Lobdell
Pencils Tom Derenick
Inks Sean Parsons
Colors The Hories
Published by DC Comics

Well this was the end of one of my favorite series from DC.

Jason, Roy, Kori, Crux and Rose square off against Helspont. Kori’s sister Kommand’R appears to have betrayed her and teamed up with Helspont. The the old double cross, turn page and the battles done. Now we can go about out lives. What? I’m sorry I’m being so cynical about this, but I feel cheated. This was a really good series that deserved to go out with some respect.

This issue felt rushed. I’m very sad to see this title go but I’m even sadder to see it go out like this. I can only hope it gets a second chance after Convergence.

Final Score
Story 2 out of 5
Art 4 out of 5
Buy it if you have the rest, if not leave it!