Welcome one and all to this first post in what I hope comes to be a regular and long running addition to the ideology of some people’s madness. I want to introduce myself and let you all know what to expect from me.

My name is Andrea, sometimes called Omne, and you can find me on Twitter under @Geek_Omnivore. I love all geeky, nerdy and or dorky things. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Pulp, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Games, Comics . . . if it’s out there, I think it’s fantastic. Alright, I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of some things (Horror, Psychological type or the gore-fests), but I don’t think that just because I don’t love it makes it any less worthy of being loved by someone.

I watch a good amount of TV. When Paul and Aron made the call out on their Funnybooks podcast for writers for the website I thought, “Well, I could always try…” So this is my attempt. My goal is to periodically post what I’ve been watching and my thoughts about it.

rokuThe television I watch is strictly from the Roku box my better half and I have. We stream Netflix, Hulu+, and Amazon Prime. If you’re reading this and have a suggestion of something for me to watch, let me know and I’ll add it to my queue! I’m always looking for new things to watch.


So, what have I been watching lately? I’m glad you asked. From Netflix we have: Silver Lining Playbook, and the RoboCop reboot. I have to say that I really enjoyed both movies. With Silver Linings, we start with flawed characters and watch as they work to improve themselves together. It’s a very touching story, and despite the fact that you can guess the end of the movie a million miles away, it doesn’t detract from it.

RoboCop took me by surprise. I really didn’t care for the original, but the reboot was quite good. The cast was filled with so many people I recognized from other things. The plot was well thought out, and it had enough nods back to the original.


From Hulu, what I watched was the latest episode of Gotham “Everyone has a Cobblepot”, Forever “Social Engineering”, and the first three episodes of a new show Allegiance, and I’m also slowly working through my backlog on the current season of Castle.

Gotham was good, not great. I enjoyed the scene in the hospital between Selina and Bruce, wish they could have more Nygma, and hope they get to the Penguin’s iceberg lounge soon (you know his current club is not that).

Allegiance, being a new show I’m willing to give it a few episodes before I make my final decision on whether to keep watching. For the most part, I’ve liked what I’ve seen. Basic premise for those who haven’t caught it is that there’s a brand new CIA analyst (Alex O’Conner) who’s brought in to help investigate a plot from the SVR, the group that the KGB morphed into with the fall of the Soviet Union. This analyst is the son and brother of three former KGB sleeper agents (how he was able to score a job with the CIA and that not coming up in a background check . . . we’ll leave that alone for right now). His family is brought in by the SVR to help them stop the CIA from uncovering the plot, using the reasoning that if the plot is uncovered, the parents cover will be blown.

I was a fan of USA’s Necessary Roughness and Scott Cohen’s role there, so his addition as Alex’s father Mark is not a bad thing at all. I also recognized Margarita Levieva from Revenge. This role, that of the older sister with hint of skill from the school of Mata Hari, seem to fit Margarita a bit better.

While I can understand the reasons behind it for the purpose of the show, the only thing that’s occurred in the three episodes to pull me away was when there was a job the SVR needed to be done they immediately jumped to the conclusion “The O’Conners are the only ones who can do it.” I mean yes, it gives the characters something do during the episode, but it seemed a bit forced.

Hopefully you’re still with me, and hopefully you’ll come back for my next post. I know sitting in my queue right now are the latest episodes of Agents of SHIELD, Once Upon a Time, and the full second season of Sleepy Hollow. Of course, if there’s anything you want to suggest, let me know in the comments or send me a tweet!

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