Descender #1

Story Jeff Lemire
Art Dustin Nguyen

Published by Image Comics

Our story starts on the planet Niyrata. It is the technological and cultural hub of the core planets in the United Galactic Council.Its a futuristic City with one big problem – a giant robot attacking it.

The second scene of the story is on the moon base mining colony ten years later. A boy named Tim-21 wakes up after 10 years asleep to find everyone in the colony dead. Tim-21 is not what he appears .

The third scene is back on Niyrata tens years later after the robot attack. All robots are outlawed and thought to be destroyed.

Dr Jin Quon is asked to help after a Tim android he created comes back online. Now Tim-21 is connected to the network. Will it be another robot uprising? Tim-21 may be the key to it all.

Wow did u get all that? Cause I barely did . I love Jeff Lemire’s work but man this one had me scratching my head. Dustin Nguyen’s art work is an awesome water color style that is edgy and sci-fi . I’ll give it a few more issues to decide how I feel about it.

imageStory 3 out of 5
Art 5 out of 5
Try it!