Howdy folks it is Allen from the midwest ready to talk about the TV shows offbtv.fw the week. This week was chock full of stuff so lets get started. As always spoilers abound, so proceed at your own risk!

The Walking Dead – Okay this whole community is disfunctional. They’ve never actually had to deal with the apocalypse and it shows. I don’t notice music often because I am tone deaf but I did notice that the music seems to be taking an ominous tone this week. Sasha is still losing it. Carol is baking for the family but they don’t eat it (speaking from personal experience it is much appreciated but I understand not being hungry). Glen laid down the law to the douchenozzle, way to go Glen! For some reason Carol is not okay with abuse! It is interesting that Michonne is no longer carrying her sword. In a past episode she noted that she only started carrying it to survive and seems glad to be able to put it down. When she told Rick they don’t kill people they exile them, 1 I would have said fine, 2 that has worked so well on the series. Are little Carl is growing up and it is as disturbing as watching my own grow up. Why was a woman tied to a tree with a W on her forhead? They still have cigarettes, I’d have figured they would be the first things to go. The show went out of the way to show how normal the town is. Rick lost it and I really don’t blame him, man did I get angry! Then Michonne stepped in and I was like wtf? Season finale next week.

Flash – So how does time travel work, did he replace himself? The conversation sounded familiar but I’ve started noticing the changes (they made them obvious). Where did Barry’s knowledge come from (another time travel paradox). I like the phrase temporal reversion! Don’t F*)(* with the timeline, Heroes, season 1. They managed to make Captain Cold and Heatwave scary, yikes. They don’t need their guns to be bad and Captain Cold is definitely in charge. Seems like Barry is completely destroying the time line. Snart is one cold hearted SOB (pun intended). Well they got the Golden Glider right. Time travel is a b****! Flashpoint! The guy playing Captain Cold is a heck of an actor wow! Barry is a heck of a guy, always with the compassion, even after Cisco rolled. As much as I dislike Eobard Thawne, he was right, changing the time stream can lead to some bad things. As a father of daughters I hope I never have to have that conversation! Did Barry just gestate the Rogues? And Barry said Rogues Gallery (squeee!)! He did, I can’t wait to see how this works out! They will know who he is, a throwback to the Wally West run of The Flash. It is apparent that Reverse Flash has way more control of his powers than Barry does. And there is the oh crap moment for the episode. So Barry has changed the timeline and that pretty much covers it all.

Izombie – May I say I love the comic intro! I also love a zombie that needs to reheat the brains and put hot sauce on it, and yes I got it in the first episode. This show is quite the geek possibility. I hope they get the chance to use the eating brains to it’s fullest. Are they a new a breed of zombies? It would suck to get a new set of hobbies everytime you fed! So is she a better person for being a zombie??? Why does this remind me of BtVS? How many references can we make? Vision Quest OMFG! I love the normal guy (take it as you will) figures out the mechanics of the murder. Jeez, pride is a rough thing to ride out! All in all I’m liking this show.

The Agents of Shield – Good to see Ward again. He was one of my least favorite characters when this show started and TBH he is now one of my favorite. Wow they mentioned the Avengers, Captain America, and the Hulk. And I love the cool aid reference, that is so 80’s. Nice a Harry Potter reference. Okay and just FYI, I dislike one of the folks on the council because he was in something else I didn’t like and I don’t want to take the time to research it. And okay, I find Ward’s and Agent 33’s relationship a bit creepy. Snap into a SlimJim. Okay, her doing that was just creepy, yikes! Agent 33 is sad! I’m not sure where Ward is going with this. Since I just purchased a new house with a big yard I found the discussion on the riding lawn mower very informative. Taco Tuesday! Could Talbot have been any more cryptic? Coulson hugged her, aww! Okay it is the loss of trust that makes this so terrible. Bloody hell is a great exclamation, I’m saving it for work. So what is Mockingbird’s game.