Howdy folks it is Allen from the midwest ready to talk about the TV shows of the week. Another great week of television happened and I am so ready to fanboy out about what happened. I’m still learning this so lets see how it goes. Oh, and BTW, spoilers abound so read at your own risk.

The Walking Dead – So this episode starts of with Morgan being accosted by a couple of fellows with guns and a W on their foreheads. What is up with that? Morgan shows them he is the man with a Bo stick, realizes they have no ammo in there guns, and then leaves them for the walkers. I know Deanna is a politician but she acts like a psychologist. Gabriel is completely insane and this is not going to end well, I mean leaving the gate open, is he starting the First Church of the Walkers? Sasha reminds me of Morgan in that they both seem to have a lost a connection to the world of the living. Plus, Sasha, sleeping on walkers could seem creepy in the wrong crowd. Morgan rescues Daryl and Aaron with some awesome Bo work and they decide to take him back to Alexandria. Morgan saying all life is precious was very nice. Abraham and Eugene reconciling was also a nice touch. Rick finds the open gate and goes on a walker hunt, to the point of hauling a walker to the meeting to decide his fate. Pete kills Reg (by drunken accident) and Deanna has Rick put him away. Morgan joins the group and Michonne keeps her katana. This is the season finale and I’m interested in where they are going from here.

Flash – The episode starts with Reverse Flash and Flash bursting through the time stream. They then have a fight scene that was absolutely wonderful. So three things about that start, one, they mention the Speed Force (yes!), the implication is that Reverse Flash is not connected to the Speed Force since he ran out, and, most brain churning, he is not yet Harrison Welles. Time travel makes my head hurt. James Jesse (The Trickster and beware what you name your kids!) being played by Mark Hamil. He played the Trickster in the ’90 series but he also voiced the Joker in the Batman Animated Series. Also he voiced the Trickster in the JLU episode “Flash and Substance”. When they went to the Trickster lair it looked a lot like the style from the ’90 series. If you pay attention Harrison (Eobard) never actually lies in this episode. He chooses his words very carefully. So Eobard stole Harrison’s life and appearance? That is not from the comics although the guy playing Eobard at the beginning looked a lot like how I imagined Eobard. They don’t call him the Trickster for nothing, he tricked everyone. Axel Walker was the second Trickster in the comics after James went straight due to the Top messing with everyone’s minds.Everyone is talking about the Star Wars reference, so I’m not. A throwback (forward) to the Blackest Night story line is that Barry only sees the best in people. That seems like a reference to the fact that Barry was a Blue Lantern of Hope in that series. Barry tries to stop the Tricksters and gets a explosive bracelet based on him not slowing down. I got the Speed reference but I was thinking of Justice League: Doom. Barry vibrates through something and Harrison tips his hand by his intimate knowledge of the Speed Force (I just got a geek rush from that sentence!) John Wesley Shipp is absolutely fantastic! Best line of the episode “That doesn’t seem very sanitary” when Flash is giving the antidote to all of the people. Now Eddie knows that Barry is the Flash, is there actually anyone in Central City who doesn’t know besides Iris?

An aside, so Flash is chasing Reverse Flash to stop him from killing Barry when he is a child but the Reverse Flash is not yet Harrison Welles. I need a schematic to understand (Back to the Future 2)! Also, according to a podcast I listen to (I try not to so I don’t taint my thoughts but it happened quickly) the Flash costume that Barry is wearing is not the same costume he is wearing now. I can’t remember if they said post 52 or post Flashpoint. Plus, I think they are taking some liberties with the Speed Force, but hey it’s not a real thing, right.

Izombie – I’m still enjoying the show so let’s go. I keep forgetting she takes on the personality traits of the brains she eats. I just thought she was being bitchy. The comic cuts into the show are some of my favorite parts. Two good lines in a show that is full of good lines, “Two is company, three is a horde” and “With great power … yeah whatever”. She feels bad for not feeling bad? I kinda of assumed that if you were with it enough to worry about your sanity (or lack there of) you were at least marginally okay. Are there zombie ethics? I love seeing her go to full zombie and back, very nice affects. Blaine is very creepy and is shaping up to be a full on villain. All in all I enjoy the show (I like procedurals) but I still don’t think they know where they are going with it yet. It reminds me of the first season of Buffy.

Marvel:Agents of Shield – Okay, I both enjoyed and was disappointed in this episode. The flashbacks to when Hydra made their move and the team had to respond was excellent. The stuff in present day gave me a headache. Hydra had infiltrated SHIELD and Fury didn’t know who to trust so he chose Coulson. There is another group that doesn’t recognize that and instead of talking they assault the group? That makes sense. I’m not going through this piece by piece, just some thoughts. Mack saved Fitz, good enough in my book. Losing track of Mei is a bad idea! I did like that Fitz and Simmons are a team again! Coulson is a very cool customer, fits the character. Does the other SHIELD realize they drove Skye to the other side? Once again, very heavy handed. The final scene of Hunter and Coulson teaming up gave me hope they would get this show back where I want it to be.

Arrow – I found this episode to be one of the ones I liked least (excepting the Count Vertigo episodes). Detective Lance is being a jackass and won’t listen to anybody. I did enjoy Ray getting the nanotech and I think Brandon Routh is doing an amazing job. Since I’m an older male, I find Felicity’s mom very attractive and I enjoy her character. I’m still not sure what to make of Nyssa, she seems to help or hinder at her whim. Is the Arrow van bullet proof because they were bouncing off like nobodies business. The one arrow to kill the police car was very cool, not very realistic, but very cool. Roy only gave the mother f’ing police flesh wounds, nice job Roy. Thea is right that all of this is Malcom’s fault. Go find his sorry butt and throw him to the wolves. I’m not getting into the flashbacks, they were marginal at best. So Ras (they pronounce it both ways on the show) tells Lance who Arrow is and he outs him on television! What a feminine hygiene product Lance! And, by the way, where did they get all of the braziers for the warehouse, Supervillains are Us? When Felicity mentioned that Ray knew a bunch of the Doctor Who plot lines I squeeded a little bit. Roy turning himself in as the Arrow won’t stop Ras so I’m not sure what the plan is here. And I cannot reiterate enough how annoying Detective Lance is right now! I know it is a long standing trope in the comics that no matter how much good the hero does, the first time there is a hint that something is wrong they go after them, but I think that trope is overused and very simplistic. They should at least get the benefit of a doubt. I understand Detective Lance is in a lot of emotional pain but the everyone should be saying “Whoa, slow down, lets think this through.”

Grimm – You all know I have enjoyed Grimm since I started watching it. I’ve never seen an episode I didn’t like. While the back stories (Adalind, amnesia, wrong attraction, etc) were never that interesting to me, the main story was always interesting. That was not the case in this episode. Juliette has essentially gone psycho, which based on the Hexenbeist I know from the show is 3 out of 4, maybe a pattern. Hank continues to be an excellent part of the show, to be honest, right now the best parts are the none of the major characters. So we have a wessen that volges only when someone feels attracted to them and then kills them? Does this seem counter productive to you? Do they only reproduce by r*** (I know that word is a trigger for some people). Adalind is remarkably fertile. The new royal, Kenneth, is a total BA. He took being thrown across the room into the wall and just stood up and kicked butt. A friend and I are having a friendly disagreement about whether the royal family is wessen or not. Renard has dug himself a hole, so has Adalind. This episode did not have enough Monroe and Rosalee. I did enjoy the ending all though it reminded me of a Twilight Zone episode.

So apparently last week I managed to post a partial column, my apologies. I will strive to do better but this is all still new to me. This coming week will be sparse due to so many shows being done or the season or skipping a week. I will continue to discuss my shows and now that I have put my thoughts out maybe I will peruse the internet for alternative theories or news.

I’m Allen from the rural depths of the midwest signing out.