Well, this week is going to be different. I was out of town for a few days without access to my typical streaming access. Therefore what I watched was not the typical of what you would expect from me. But rather than leave you with nothing, I have some things to say about what did cross by eyeballs.
Finding CarterFirst we have the Second Season Premiere of Finding Carter. For those not familiar with the show, the entire first season is on Hulu. The first episode of season two is not on Hulu yet, but I actually had access to a regular cable provider for a few days…

Finding Carter is the story of a teenage girl, Carter Stevens. Carter finds out that the woman that raised her, the woman she thought as her mother, actually abducted her at age three. The first season deals with Carter coming to terms with the fact that everything she knew about her life has changed.

The season ended with Carter being abducted again by the same woman. The second season premiere shed new light and new information about the reasons why Lori (the abductor) took Carter. I highly recommend this show, and once the second season is available streaming I’ll be giving you weekly updates.

Then, still not on the normal que round-up I watched five episodes of sit-coms. I’m not typically a fan of the situational comedy format, but there were two shows that I kept seeing ads for I figured I’d give them a chance.

One Big Happy. Sitcom about a Girl, a Guy . . . and another Girl? From what I understand this show has been getting some hype due to Ellen Degeneres being a producer for it. Bests friends decide to have a baby together because both are still single and without kids of their own. Then, immediately after conception, the guy gets married.

Honestly, the premise itself is not horrible, but the execution has a lot to be desired. I think they intended the Lizzy character (portrayed by Elisha Cuthbert of 24 fame) as a straight man (I mean that in the sense of comic pairings) falls short and the only thing I can see in Cuthberts portrayal is “This character is essentially Ellen Degeneres… but 30 years younger.” Add to that the casting of Kelly Brook. Her portrayal of a bimbo is pretty much spot on, especially with the particular assets she has to keep the boys interested.
Is all of this enough? I’m not sure. It seems that there’s only been six episodes ordered, I don’t honestly see it going beyond that.

younger-logoFinally, I watched two episodes of a show called Younger. A divorced empty-nester has decided to re-enter the workplace and can’t get hired because she’s over-qualified. On advice from her best friend she poses as a twenty-something in order to get anything. She does. The show hinges of the idea that there’s a disconnect between generations and the attempt to cross that gap. They do a fantastic job of it and I hope this show goes the distance.

Well, that’s it for me this week. I fully anticipate that next week will be bigger. It’s my last week of school for the semester and that means more time for vegging out in front of the Roku box.