IMG_1943.PNGThis week, I feel like I’ve gorged on television. there’s just so much. I hope you all can find inspiration to watch something from something I’ve viewed. To start off with, from Netflix, we have The 100. My better half decided to start watching the series one day on a whim and we’ve made quite the progress.

100_logoThe 100 starts off with a somewhat contrived premise where there is a dwindling number of human survivors from a nuclear apocalypse. They live on-board a huge space station called The Ark. Due to equipment finally failing due to being used for longer than it was ever intended to use the entire station is failing. The people of the Ark decide to grant themselves time by jettisoning a portion of their population to the surface of the Earth, ostensibly to check if the surface was habitable again.The one hundred people they sent down were the prisoners on the station. It’s no surprize that once they get to the surface it goes right to Lord of the Flies. It takes a few episodes to formalize some type of government for the formerly incarcerated, so of course, once they do, a new menace rears it’s head: The descendants of those who didn’t head into space. Now, I’m only up to episode nine, but it’s kept my interest. If something new hadn’t been added to Netflix, we’d probably would’ve finished off the first season.

As it stands, there was something of great interest added to Netflix. I don’t think there’s anyway I could write this blog and not get around to Marvel’s Daredevil. Because I want to restrict myself to only watching Daredevil with the man-thing, I’ve only made it to episode four. I think that the spoiler advisory is still in effect for the show, I’ll try to keep my comments respectful to those who want to catch up on their own.
DaredevilI will say that if you can not binge-watch the entire season at once, try to watch the first three episodes together. Of course the plot of one episode flows into the next with any good show, but it seems that the first three work well, almost as if it were a multi-issue comic book story arc titled “What’s in a Name?”
Whoever they have writing the script for the show needs a pay raise, regardless of they’re already being paid. It’s fantastic!
Now, the show is a bit darker than I personally would have prefered, there are a few moments even within these first four episodes that have caused me to need to close my eyes turn my head. Not enough to keep me from watching the rest of it, but if this is the tone that’s going to be set for the rest of the Netflix Original Marvel series, I might just leave the rest to the other comic book geeks out there and wait for their synopsis.
Now, as far as what else I’ve watched in my buffet of television? The usual suspects of iZombie, Flash, Arrow, Agents of SHIELD, Forever, and Once Upon a Time. I loved Sailor Pluto’s appearance on Sailor Moon Crystal was amazing. She is one that I know relatively little about, and the air of mystery about her just adds to my interest.
I’ve watched so much, I can’t remember if I’m missing anything, but the tl;dr of this week is “Daredevil is dark but good, The 100 is better than I expected, and Pluto has the keys to the Tardis.”.

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