Cloak and Blaster – Orlando’s Gaming Pub for Geeks!

What’s that, you ask? A GAMING PUB FOR GEEKS? Well…… The Cloak & Blaster is the first full-service tabletop gaming pub and social gathering place for geeks, gamers and beer-lovers in Orlando, Florida, with high-quality drinks, pub fare, games, and entertainment presented in a uniquely themed environment. We offer a full food menu of American […]


And I don’t mean “shiny” like Firefly “shiny” slang.  I mean shiny as in…shiny.  The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, the object that inspired that fourth Indiana Jones film that no one wished existed, will be available for viewing THIS Saturday, April 4th, (7 till 9:30 pm) at the Community Church, 40 E. 35th St. between Madison […]