This year, Kings Dominion’s annual Halloween Haunt event in Doswell, Virginia truly had something for everyone. At 7pm sharp, at the front entrance, the Overlord summons all the monsters and minions. He sends them out into the park and starts the Halloween Haunt.

There were so many attractions this year, I sadly didn’t get the chance to experience them all. My first stop was at the Slaughter House. It was a maze of strobe lights, gruesome things and scary characters that would jump out at you. I was alright until the maniac wielding the chainsaw jumped out at me!

I rode the Tollway of Terror old car ride through the woods. All sorts of scary creatures awaited me there, including another maniac with a chain saw. Next was the walk through the Scare Zones. First was Cleaver Brothers Carnival, scary clowns … enuf said. Feary Tales Land was next – the worst of the Brothers Grimm tales come to life (or death). Iron Worx was the last scare zone for me. It was a creepy steam punk world, full of gas masks, creepy old science equipment, and machine creatures.

I watched an awesome percussion performance from The Blood Drum Group. They were an awesome finish to a great night. I can’t wait to go back next year.

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