Story Kevin Eastman , Bobby Curnow , Tom Waltz

Art Mateus Santolouco  , Cory Smith

Colors Ronda Pattison

Letters Shawn Lee

Published by IDW Publishing

It is the final showdown between Splinter, the Turtles and Shredder and his mutants. Splinter meditates to find a way to defeat Shredder pulling memories for long ago. The Turtles battle Shredder’s  clan of mutants. (SPOILER) Metal Head activates his self destruct and sacrifices himself to save the Turtles. After the explosion, we get to see the return of character thought to be dead. Splinter and Shredder have their final battle in which the outcome will leave you speechless . This is one of the greatest comic book stories I have read. It stays to true to martial arts legends, folklore and traditions.

Final Score

Story 5 out of 5

Art 5 out of 5


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