Story Kevin Eastman , Bobby Curnow & Tom Waltz

Art Ken Garing

Colors Ronda Pattison

Letters Shawn Lee

Published By IDW Publishing

Leo, Raph, and Donny have taken on crime in the streets. The are assisted by their new ally the Foot Clan. The Foot Clan are now under control of Master Splinter after he defeated Shredder in mortal combat. The Turtles run into a new gang called the Street Phantoms. Mikey is on his own now and Raph tries to get him to come home. Leo is still unsure about their new allies the Foot Clan. There also seems to be a traitor in the ranks. This series had not slowed down since last issue’s climactic end. It is so good, you gotta love the Turtles.

Final Score

Story 5 out of 5

Art 5 out of 5