Well, so much for the every two weeks thing.  But I’m back and doing three weeks for the price of two.  So without further ado… on to this week’s

66. Spandex and Capes #52
February 14th, 2016

Violence is not always the answer..” – W. Wilson

Previously_webTV News: Sy-Fy has released a look at Wynonna Earp.  The Justice League is back on the Cartoon Network with Justice League Action.  And in other exciting news – the Flash will establish the DC Multiverse as he crosses over into Supergirl.

Comic News: DC Comics is launching a line of comics around the old Hanna-Barbera cartoons that look… interesting at the least.  Marvel’s Black Knight is the first of the All-New, All-Different line to fall.

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ReviewHero_webBatman #49 (DC Comics)
By Scott Snyder with art by Greg Capullo
Once more, Mr. Snyder and Mr.  Capullo make this look easy.  Once more, Bruce Wayne makes the ultimate sacrifice for his city and it’s people.  And there are no half measures.  He can’t have both the happy man is and the man he was, so in tragic fashion, the now gives way to what was.  The scene at the beginning with Alfred begging, pleading, and lying to stop his son from taking on this burden once more was painful.  Overall a fantastic issue – though I had two specific issues with the art.  One, Alfred did not look like a dignified man once this entire issue and that bothers me, though I’ll admit for childish reason.  And two, did Wayne get a shave while his mind was being hammered?  Cause at the end, he looks like he just has whiskers left.

New Avengers #6 (Marvel Comics)
By Al Ewing with art by Gerardo Sandoval, Phil Noto, Mark Bagley, and Dono Sanchez Almara
X-Men, take note – this is the way to do a time travel story.  Two issue, big bad done, future restored.  And they even got to fight their future-self.  It was like a two year X-Men in less than 40 pages.  It was fantastic.  And I’m glad the idea of Billy the evil was dealt with rather quickly.  I hate it when these types of plots are drawn out over long periods of time.  The art is still suffering and when it’s just Mr. Sandoval, it isn’t very good.  The best pages are Billy verse Moridun and the flash forward to the new future.  Can we get those guys to draw this book from here on out?

Superman: Lois and Clark #4 (DC Comics)
By Dan Jurgens with art by Lee Weeks and Marco Santucci
This seems like Dan Jurgens is using Clark and Lois to give his commentary on the state of the DCU.  I find it impressive that they’re letting him make it at all.  Again this has all of the hallmarks of the classic Superman stories from the 80s and 90s and if you’re not reading it, you’re missing on some great Superman.  It also shows a strong Lois Lane as she investigates her missing publisher.  But the character I’m the most interested in is Jon.  He’s displaying his mother’s knack for looking into things, but at the same time, he seems to have a higher than average intelligence coupled with a what I think is a growing power set.  I wonder if we’re looking at DC’s answer to Franklin Richards?

Sidekick_webAction Comics #49 (DC); A-Force #2 (Marvel); All-New X-Men #4 (Marvel); Amazing Spider-Man #7 (Marvel); Art Ops #4 (Vertigo); Assassin’s Creed #5 (Titan); Atomic Robo and The Ring of Fire #5 (Tesladyne); Axcend #4 (Image); Batman/Superman #29 (DC); Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3 (DC/IDW); Batman & Robin Eternal #17, #18, #19 (DC); Black Magick #4 (Image); Captain Marvel #2 (Marvel); Constantine The Hellblazer #8 (DC); Cry Havoc #1 (Image); Cyborg #7 (DC); Daredevil #3 (Marvel); The Dark and Bloody #1 (Vertigo); Darth Vader #16 (Marvel); Deadshot and Katana #1 (DC); Dejah Thoris #1 (Dynamite); Detective Comics #49 (DC); Doctor Strange #5 (Marvel); Faith #1 (Valiant); The Flash #48 (DC); Ghostbusters International #1 (IDW); Grayson #16 (DC); Green Lantern #49 (DC); Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion #2 (DC); Harley’s Little Black Book #2 (DC); He-Man: The Eternity War #14 (DC); Invincible Iron Man #6 (Marvel); Justice League 3001 #8 (DC); Justice League of America #7 (DC); Kanan #10 (Marvel); Klaus #3 (Boom!); Letter 44 #23 (Oni); Midnighter #9 (DC); Ms. Marvel #4 (Marvel); Nova #4 (Marvel); Obi-Wan & Anakin #2 (Marvel); Plutona #3 (Image); Slash & Burn #4 (Vertigo); Spider-Man 2099 #6 (Marvel); Spidery #3 (Marvel); Starfire #9 (DC); Strayer #1 (Aftershock); Superman #48 (DC); Totally Awesome Hulk #3 (Marvel); The Twilight Children #4 (Vertigo); Uncanny X-Men #3 (Marvel); Unfollow #4 (Vertigo); Vision #4 (Marvel); We Are Robin #8 (DC); Wolverine #5 (Marvel); The Woods #20 (Boom!)

Anti-hero_webAquaman #48 (DC); Batman Beyond #9 (DC); Batman: Europa #4 (DC); Spider-Man #1 (Marvel); Spider-Woman #3 (Marvel); Super-Zero #1, #2 (Aftershock); Swamp Thing #2 (DC); Ultimates #4 (Marvel)


Chopped_webAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel)
American Monster (Aftershock)
Black Canary (DC)
Prophet Earth War (Image)
Jacked (Vertigo)
Last Gang in Town (Vertigo)
New Romancer (Vertigo)
Old Man Logan (Marvel)
So these are what’s out this week – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is just a retread of the last series book and Old Man Logan just isn’t interesting in its current form, but you have a Wolverine book right?  Black Canary I stopped reading a while ago – just bored with it, honestly.  As for the rest, they just aren’t my speed.

That’s it from me!  See you in two weeks!  For real this time.