Welcome back, fair reader – we have endured another few weeks of the mundane and now can enjoy the the treat of the fantastical.  By which I mean the comics, not my article.  That’s just pretty good.  So let’s take a look at what happened these weeks here at…

66. Spandex and Capes #52April 10th, 2016

Whoever heard of snow in April?” – L. Snart

Previously_webTV News: Patrick Adams is joining the cast of Legends of Tomorrow in a surprise role, Echo Kellum was promoted to a series regular in Arrow,  and Jessica Henwick will play Colleen Wing in Iron Fist.  The Preacher gets a new trailer leading up to its premiere.  Cinemax is jumping on the superhero bandwagon as they start development of Garth Ennis’s The Boys.  Lucifer has made it to it’s second season on Fox.  Cloak and Dagger are getting their own series on ABC’s Freeform and I have no idea if I should be looking forward to this.

Movie News: We got a trailer for the Lego Batman movie to lighter the DCCU a little bit as well as title and some concept art for the new Kingsman movie.  Gambit looks like he’s slipping in development hell as it loses its release date.  And Deadpool is the highest grossing X-Men film of all time – and Fox will learn nothing from that.  And while BvS is taking a pounding from critics, Wonder Woman is getting moved up in it’s premiere date and two more DC films are being added to the schedule.  And finally, Boyd Holbrook is joining the cast of Wolverine 3 in the role of the unnamed villain.

Comic News:  Spider-Man faces off against Doc Ock and the Jackel (at least that’s who my money’s on) in the Dead No More teasers.  Marvel remembers that it can use villains in its crossovers as Kingpin gets his own series.  Faith is getting her own ongoing series from Valiant.  Image announced 19 new titles at the Image Expo.  DC Comics has announced 13 creative teams for the Kamandi Challenge as well as a new imprint, Young Animal, with a bunch of new books.  And IDW has announced a second Turtles ongoing as well as a new Powerpuff Girl series.

Solicitation News:
Boom! Studios
DC Comics

ReviewHero_webHercules #5 (Marvel)
By Dan Abnett with art by Luke Ross and Guru-eFX
The lone HERO this week is the original Myth himself, the demi-God Hercules.  Hercules takes on the Gods of the Storm – new Gods for a modern world.  All of them look a little bit a little bit internet based, but I’m beginning to wonder what they are Gods of and how that affects their powers.  Catastrophobia is the new God of War, but he doesn’t use the air strikes until the end.  Instead he goes all melee – punching Hercules and taking a few good hits to the head.  I’m hoping that Mr. Abnett gets to at least finish his story out and flush out these new Gods before this series gets cancelled.  


Sidekick_webAll-New X-Men #7 (DC); Aquaman #50 (DC); Archie #7 (Archie); Assassin’s Creed #7 (Titan); Back to the Future #6 (IDW); Batman & Robin Eternal #26 (DC); Batman Beyond #11 (DC); Black Panther #1 (Marvel); Black Widow #2 (Marvel); Bloodlines #1 (DC); Darkseid War Special #1 (DC): Darth Vader #18 (Marvel); Detective Comics #51 (DC); Empress #1 (Marvel); Faith #3 (Valiant); Ghostbusters International #3 (IDW); Jughead #5 (Archie); Midnighter #11 (DC): Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #2 (Boom!); New Avengers #9 (Marvel); Spider-Man #3 (Marvel); Spider-Man 2099 #9 (Marvel); Suiciders: Kings of HelL.A. #1 (DC); Superman #51 (DC); Swamp Thing #4 (DC); Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deviations #1 (IDW); Uncanny X-Men (DC); Unfollow #6 (DC); Vision #6 (Marvel)


Anti-hero_webDaredevil #5 (Marvel); The Fix #1 (Image); Green Lantern #51 (DC); The Infinity Entity #4 (Marvel); Invincible Iron Man #8 (Marvel); Justice League of America #8 (DC); Poe Dameron #1 (Marvel); Superman: The Coming of the Supermen #3 (DC); X-Men ‘92 #1 (Marvel)


Villain_webGhostbusters Deviations #1 (IDW)
By Kelly Thompson with art by Nelson Daniel
So I’m guessing IDW came with to the regular Ghostbusters team of Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening, and Luis Antonio Delgado with the idea for this issue and they just laughed.  Because man, this was just stupid on so many levels.  First off, Goozer went from a threat to a five year that spent way too much time on the internet and the Ghostbusters… well, the term in the book fits rather nicely.  And instead of actually seeing what this world ruled by Gozer would have been liked, we spend the issue fighting his shit (literally) and trying to turn back time with the deus ex machina.  So yeah, pretty much a useless waste of shelf space.


Chopped_webDrax (Marvel)
Spider-Women Alpha #1 (Marvel)
I’m sorry I just can’t bring up enough energy to care about either these and there are so many books out there.  Drax is kind of good, but the character is so one note that it just becomes boring.  As for the Spider-Women event – I’m only reading one of the the three books because I can’t stand the other two.  And for a lot reasons that are highlighted in this book.  So I’m out on both.