Spandex and Capes #10

Well, it’s Memorial Day Weekend, which I’m late with this week’s article.  Lots of barbecue.  So, this week, Convergence reaches its penultimate chapter and the Secret War tie-ins start.  Plus both companies start their campaigns for what comes next!  So let’s get started with an “All-New, All-Different” that’s still just for “You” Spandex and Capes! […]

Spandex and Capes #2

Hello, I’m apparently T.J. Hooker and I’m here with this week’s comic news.  June Solicitations are here and man, oh, man are they big ones.  So big in fact, this week, we’re going to talk about the news, and nothing but the news, so help us God.  Honestly, there wasn’t much that stood out this […]

Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Daniel Way

While down in the Orlando, Florida area recently, Paul visited A Comic Shop, where he had the good fortune of having a nice leisurely conversation with Daniel Way (check out pictures of the event here). Of course, regular listeners of Funnybooks (specifically this episode) know the real story – Paul braved Asian Massage Parlors, volcano […]