Star Trek: Aegean
Star Trek: Aegean
Star Trek: Aegean / Original Series / Episode 001 - Sandboxing

Later this week the first of our ALL NEW Star Trek Aegean episodes arrives.  Until then, enjoy this archived episode of the Original Series and don’t forget to subscribe to the Aegean RSS feed (and over there on the right) so you don’t miss a moment of the action!

I forget what put me in the mood, but I’ve had a desire burning within me to run a Trek role playing game for awhile.  As a guy who’s GM’d Star Trek for decades, it’s been awhile since I’ve had an active crew.  More than two years.  Longer maybe?

So I put out the call…

Joining the crew are Funnybooks’ Tim and Wayne, Thistledown John and Knights of Reignsborough artist Jake Ekiss.

In this first episode, the guys establish their Star Trek street cred and discuss what they’d like to see in a Star Trek game.

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