The nation’s premier Halloween event, Universal Orlando Resort’s annual Halloween Horror Nights returns on September 14, 2018 with more houses than ever before, and an 80’s inspired theme, both in properties featured and in concepts. As always, IoMGeek will be there to show you all the madness, but before we do…check out our below initial thoughts and guide to what’s being featured this year, and what our hype level is for each house.

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I haven’t seen the movie Poltergeist in years, but anyone over 30 will remember how it traumatized their youth (don’t see the remake). This house has the potential to truly be something fantastic. There are many iconic scenes from that classic movie (some hold up better than others) that, if recreated well, could be both scary and technologically impressive. Hopefully the emphasis here will be on being scary in addition to showcasing a love of the movie.
IoM Hype Meter: 5/5

I’m on the fence about Stranger Things. On one hand, I’ve truly enjoyed the two seasons that have been released on Netflix. On the other hand, I’m hard-pressed to think of iconic scenes or memorable moments that would make good fodder for a haunted house. Of course, we’ll see Demogorgons (both actors and puppets), and a trip into the Upside Down, so could definitely be a visually interesting house, even if scare/gore factor is low.
IoM Hype Meter: 3/5

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers is one of my favorite films in the franchise, and has some cool scenes that could translate well to a haunted house. Some folks may roll their eyes at the thought of Myers being featured in another HHN house, but I’m always happy to see my favorite slasher return…and who knows, maybe one day we’ll get a Halloween 6 house! I know that there’s confusion about why the house wasn’t based on the new movie, but I think it’s a number of reasons – the movie won’t be out until mid-October, and perhaps additional rights issues.
IoM Hype Meter: 4/5

Sam returns to HHN! Trick ‘r Treat was a standout scarezone last year (check out our video), and expanding it indoors will lend itself to recreations of more of the scenes from the movie, such as the quarry and the interior of Mr. Kreeg’s house. Very excited about this one.
IoM Hype Meter: 4/5

Not 100% sure I get the concept of this one. Killer plants, like in the movie The Happening? I’d imagine we’ll get some giant plant puppets/animatronics. I’ve been proven wrong before on original property houses, as they’re usually based in a lot of hard work and passion, but I’m not terribly excited about this one…yet.
IoM Hype Meter: 1/5

Oh man…can’t wait for this one. The images that have been released officially show that a lot of love will go into creating an awesome façade and set pieces. The theme, old carnival pieces (and people), could lend itself to some truly awesome structures being built, and hopefully some great scares as well. One of my most anticipated houses.
IoM Hype Meter: 5/5

Another house with the potential to be something special and memorable. Slaughter Sinema recreates an old movie theater showing B-grade horror movies that have come to life. Werewolf bikers, a bloody pumpkin patch, deadly barbers and more…this house certainly seems like it’ll be a ton of fun. I’ve enjoyed in the past when HHN has featured these “movie theater” themed houses, so hoping this will continue the tradition of greatness.
IoM Hype Meter: 5/5

The prequel to the Dead Exposure house from HHN: Reflections of Fear in 2008, this features the outbreak of a zombie infestation in the catacombs of Paris. The original incorporated strobe lights to great effect, and the new house teases a “blindness” factor – I’m curious as to how that’ll play out in the experience.
IoM Hype Meter: 3/5

The Horrors of Blumhouse returns this year, this time with The First Purge and Happy Death Day as the featured properties. Frankly, I’m a little “Purged” out, indicated by The First Purge being the first film in the franchise I haven’t yet seen. Happy Death Day was a definite standout movie though – as a house, it’s probably a little more generic, but I do look forward to seeing the slasher in the house setting. Last year’s Blumhouse was a bit lackluster to me (see last year’s thoughts here), so the verdict is out on this one.
IoM Hype Meter: 2/5

Scary Tales is back, returning from HHN XI, XII, and 18, Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After features dark takes on classic tales such as Wizard of OzAlice in Wonderland, and some other princess-type based properties. Scary Tales scratches me right where I itch because I love dark takes on classic fairy tales, so I am definitely looking forward to this one.
IoM Hype Meter: 4/5

Revenge of Chucky will feature the titular doll stalking the streets of Hollywood. The Chucky property always lends itself to a fun time, and the theme of this zone seems to play with the end of the most recent entry in the film franchise.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space is a film I’ve never been a fan of, but I’m genuinely surprised to see Universal Orlando Resort go for such a complicated property as a scarezone, especially in such a tight area as Sting Alley (right off the New York City streets). The Klowns are elaborate, costume-wise, so I think we’ll see some great photo opportunities here.

The Harvest seems to be using some of the props from last year’s standout Scarecrow: The Reaping house, with references to an old barn and creatures hidden amongst the hay bales. As a fan of horror movies that take place on farms and in the backwoods, The Harvestseems totally up my alley.

Twisted Tradition, which will be in the Central Park area of Universal Studios, will feature some of the more iconic imagery from Halloween and, in that Central Park zone, should create some memorable set pieces, including a return of the pumpkins in the trees, always an amazing sight. An interesting feature of this zone is it’s relation to Carey, OH, an HHN concept returning from year’s past.

Vamp ’85 embraces the 80’s theme of the event, in the streets of New York City, featuring a return of the Vamps from years past, but this time, celebrating New Year’s Eve as the ball drops.

Academy of Villains Cyberpunk is the sole show this year, and what more can be said about how freakin’ awesome AoV is? Even last year’s modified show (after their stage was damaged in a hurricane) was awesome. AoV is a show that never gets old, with its amazing music and even more impressive dancing.

There are a variety of ticket options for HHN 28,, including Single-Night Tickets (starting at $62.99), multi-night event tickets (starting at $95.99, including Rush of Fear, good for the first 10 nights of the event and cheaper than buying two separate one-day tickets, and Frequent Fear options good for the entire event). Per the UO Blog:

  • Rush of Fear Pass: Get the first 10 event nights for less than the price of a single night at the gate when you buy online.
  • Frequent Fear Pass: Get up to 21 nights for less than the price of a single night at the gate when you buy online—including EVERY Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday event night, PLUS the first weekend and last Friday.
  • Frequent Fear Plus Pass: Get up to 28 nights, including all Sunday through Friday event nights, plus the first and last Saturday nights.
  • Ultimate Frequent Fear Pass: Valid EVERY night for maximum fear. (Are you sure you can handle this!?)

Add-on options include Express Pass and Event Tours (including Private and non-Private RIP Tours), Daytime lights-on tours of the houses, and Dining Options, including the always awesome Scareactor Dining (see our previous experience here).

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The Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store returns for 2018, located by Revenge of the Mummy and opening Sep. 12 at 9 am for Annual Passholders. UOAP members can take home an exclusive Passholder pin for $11 plus tax and T-shirt for $27 plus tax.

Also available for UOAP members will be a Carey, Ohio button. Visit the parks during the day Oct 1 -31 from 11am-6pm to pick up the free button at Guest Services by Men in Black Alien Attack of by Marvel Super Hero Island. 

Event map can be viewed here. It will show you what rides are open during Halloween Horror Nights, including Rip Ride Rockit and Transformers.

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2018 will haunt your nights select nights Sep 13 – Nov 3. For all ticketing and pricing options, including hotel packages, visit