Picard is Back, Baby!

The news out of this past weekend’s Star Trek convention in Las Vegas is simply too big not to discuss!  CBS All Access announced their Short Treks and other Star Trek properties in the pipeline.  And of course the galaxy breaking report that Patrick Stewart will return to an all new series reprising his role […]

USS Aegean NX-4508

A while back, we sandboxed a setting for a Star Trek role-laying game set in the days following STAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY. The ship our players would crew was the USS AEGEAN, an experimental Excelsior Class starship.  While that game never got off the ground, the sandbox episodes inspired one of our listeners […]

Knights of Reignsborough: A Very Reignsborough Xmas! (Part Two)

The Knights’ war on Christmas spills into Hero’s Square as strange figures emerge amidst the merry mayhem.  Are they allies or another holiday horror bent on festive destruction? This episode of Knights of Reignsborough takes place following the events of Season 3. This is Part Two of the Reignsborough Christmas Special. We’d love to hear […]