Batman with Aron and Paulie: Arkham March Madness 2015! (Part 2)

ARKHAM MARCH MADNESS concludes with epic fights! Sinestro Corps Scarecrow vs. Talia Al Ghul! Mr. Freeze vs. Deathstroke! Hush vs. Clayface! And so many more! Batman’s rogues battle to the death, and only one will remain! Who will win? Take a look at our bracket below and play along with us! We’re still working out […]

Batman with Aron and Paulie: Selfie!

It’s new comic book day and what better way to celebrate than a little Batman with Aron and Paulie?  Y’know, without the Paulie? Fire in the Batcave Lego Batman Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman’s new pic Villains! ( Selfie Variant ( Batman: Eternal New Batman Series ( Don’t forget! Funnybooks is sponsoring the […]