Picard is Back, Baby!

The news out of this past weekend’s Star Trek convention in Las Vegas is simply too big not to discuss!  CBS All Access announced their Short Treks and other Star Trek properties in the pipeline.  And of course the galaxy breaking report that Patrick Stewart will return to an all new series reprising his role […]

Star Trek with Aron and Paulie: The Tholian Web!

In this episode of Star Trek with Aron and Paulie… Aron’s cool? “Second Chances” Nathan Greno leaves Disney RIP David Ogden Stiers Aron’s Mission Crate Update Klingon Rock Concert Klingon Tourist Center The Original Series episode: “The Tholian Web” For our next episode, we will be watching the first part of “In a Mirror, Darkly” from […]

Star Trek with Aron and Paulie: “Will You Take My Hand”

Aron and Paulie discuss the season one finale of Star Trek Discovery, “Will You Take My Hand?” More Star Trek with Aron and Paulie is coming! Leave us a voicemail at 972-763-5903, or hit us up on Twitter @IdeologyMadness, or Instagram @IoMGeek, to give us feedback on what you want us to discuss during the Discovery hiatus!

Star Trek with Aron and Paulie: “The War Without, The War Within”

Unbelievable!!!!! – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2180583/ Star Trek Discovery: Succession – http://www.denofgeek.com/us/books-comics/star-trek-discovery/270811/star-trek-discovery-exclusive-succession-2 Empty Space – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1881107045/empty-space The week’s new episode of Star Trek Discovery – “The War Without, The War Within”