The Funnybooks Crew Chats ComixologyGate!

Comixology has been updated, and with it comes a ton of frustration for long-time digital comic book readers. Paul, Aron, and Wayne get on the mics to discuss their Comixology frustrations, and show love for a week of good comics, despite the drama. Peacemaker season finale JLA/Avengers getting re-released ComixologyGate King Conan #4 Nightwing #89 […]

Marcus Nispel to direct Conan!

Marcus Nispel, who’s great directing has been seen in Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, has been signed to direct the upcoming Conan movie from Nu Image/Millenium films.  While I’d normally think this is good news, I hear his film Pathfinder, which, honestly, looked kind of like a Conan film, was pretty bad. According […]