Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Dusting Off Your Resume for The End Times

The Pope’s Resignation, “Pope-al Prophecies,” Pointy Hats and Cup Holders in Church Pews SUPERMAN vs THE ELITE AVENGERS EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES GRANT MORRISON ON FATMAN ON BATMAN NEW 52 SUPERMAN VS BATMAN NIGHTWING #17 JLA #1 NOVA #1 JUSTICE LEAGUE #17 SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #4 SUPERGIRL #17 Check out the site on Monday for our next […]

DC Releases More Flash Goodies!

Man, I am super excited about the upcoming Johns/Manapul relaunch of The Flash¸starting this April.  And it looks like DC is too – they’re sending out tons of awesome preview art that really make this book look like a Flash we’ve never seen before.  One thing we’ve been complaining about in books like Flash: Rebirth […]

Brightest Day: The Flash #1 Preview

So, I guess the Blackest Night really does precede the Brightest Day, doesn’t it?  We spoke on this week’s Funnybooks (listen now dammit) about the bad taste in our mouth by The Flash: Rebirth, easily a worst contender for worst series in 2009/2010 (right up there with Captain America: Reborn).  The series, written by my […]

Super-heroes use Facebook, too!

Bwa-haha! And my personal favorites: You kinda have to read comics to get the jokes.  Geek humor is belly-guffawingly funny, but only to geeks. The above Facebook statuses come courtesy of Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog, which for the past couple of weeks has been talking about Dracula in comics.  Make sure you check out his site […]